The Lodge Grill Pan is made from 12 gauge carbon steel in black, measures 16 x 12” including the handles, and has a slotted base of around 12” x 13”. The handles are simple loops of steel riveted to the main section. This product is shipped pre-seasoned by the manufacturer.

This grill pan is a solid piece of kit, weighing in at nearly five pounds shipped! As it’s preseasoned it’s ready to go as soon as it arrives, but I’d still spray a little oil on it first, and before each use. Because of the thick metal construction, it heats up slower on the grill, allowing you to cook more delicate or smaller items without overcooking, things like fish and other seafood, and chopped vegetables. Conversely, the thick metal also allows you to heat the grill pan to temperatures some pans couldn’t cope with. The pan will also retain this heat, keeping the food warm for longer once it’s removed from the grill.

Now, this isn’t the most elegant of grill pans, there are several better-looking ones available, but then that’s not it’s the main purpose. This is the grill pan you take when you go hiking, or throw in the trunk when you go to the beach. It’s tough enough to cope in these circumstances, and you know it’ll survive.

Once you’ve finished grilling, don’t wash the grill pan with soap, just use a stiff brush and water or you’ll ruin the seasoned effect.

Put all the above together, and add in the fact it’s made in the USA and we have a great product.

There are a couple of drawbacks though. The price is double what you’d pay for another brand, but I suppose you get what you pay for. The other problem and I’d say it loses a star for this, is that the slots are too wide, particularly the big Lodge name in the center. If they could just slim down those slots, this would be a five-star product.

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