The Marinade Meat Injector kit by Cave Tools is made from high quality 304 Stainless steel. The barrel has a maximum capacity of 2.3 ounces, indicated by a clear measuring window. There are three large finger hoops to provide a solid but comfortable grip on the item. The kit comes with three stainless steel needles; a six-inch needle for chunky marinades, a six- inch needle for liquids and a three-inch needle for smaller cuts of meat.

You can tell straight away that this marinade meat injector kit is a quality item. It looks and feels solid due to the stainless steel construction. The only plastic here is the measuring window, the barrel and the needles are all steel. The measurement window is very useful, it allows the precise injection of your preferred amount of marinade exactly where you want it. The larger capacity also means fewer refills, which in turn saves you time. The plunger is very well made, allowing you to fill and smoothly inject marinade with no spills.

The heart of the marinade meat injector kit is the needles, after all, if the needles don’t work you’ll end up just not using it. In this case, there are three different ones. There are two six inches long, one with twelve small holes and one with an open end, and a three-inch needle with a side hole. This means whether you like your marinade a liquid or more chunky, you can inject it into both small and large pieces of meat. The needles are, of course, very sharp, and should stay that way. Even the toughest meat is no barrier to the sharp needles of flavor.

Once you’ve marinaded anything and everything you can get your hands on, cleaning up afterwards is as easy as putting the marinade meat injector kit into the dishwasher.

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