Grill Sense’s Meat Injector Kit is made from 100% 304 stainless steel. The barrel has a two-ounce capacity. The handles are traditional rings. The kit contains three needles; an open-ended one for chunky marinade, one with twelve holes for liquids, and a shorter one with a side opening for smaller cuts of meat. The kit also contains 4 spare o-rings for the plunger.

This particular meat injector kit certainly looks the part in its EVA presentation and storage box. And when you take it out you can feel the quality and professionalism claimed by the manufacturer. There are three needles, all very sharp of course, one for thin liquids such as brine, one for chunky marinades and a shorter one for smaller cuts of meat, which has a side opening like an elongated hole. The needles all have thick and solid textured grips for easy and tight fitting. The barrel is solid and has a large enough capacity to avoid too much filling time.

In use, like all things, the plunger will eventually wear and start to leak. In this meat injector kit, there are four spare rings for the plunger, which are simple to change when one fails. This is a nice touch and should mean the injector lasts for years.

The one thing missing from this meat injector kit is a scale. The barrel is nice and solid, but there’s no way of telling, apart from the movement of the plunger, how much you’re injecting into any one spot. For some people, this won’t be a problem, but it’s something to consider when shopping around.

For a meat injector kit of this price range, I would expect a full set of whistles and bells. While the quality is excellent, and the storage box is a nice touch, I’ll have to knock off a couple of points from this otherwise very solid and robust product.

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