The Mr Grill food injector is made from stainless steel, and has a capacity of 2 fluid ounces. The item comes with two needles, one for liquids and one for mince. The liquid needle has a capped end and rows of offset hole to disperse the marinade. The mince needle has an open end.

If you’re looking for a food injector, this Mr Grill item certainly looks the part. It also feels solid and  heavy in the hand. The two needles it comes with are long enough for almost any meats, and the two different types cover pretty much any type of sauce or minced marinade you can think of.

The handles on the top are good, large enough for most fingers, and they allow you to get a good grip on the food injector. The capacity is about right for most items, and means you don’t have to keep filling it, although this is easy enough to do. When you come to cut the meat you can see how it works, the needle with all the holes is very efficient at what it does, spreading the marinade in all directions. The mince needle leaves little pockets of marinade in the meat, and it’s interesting to see how accurate you’ve been with the placing of it.

It’s all dishwasher safe, and it comes apart, so cleaning up is easy after using it. Just make sure it’s dried thoroughly afterwards, best not to take chances with rust.

I did notice a tiny bit of leakage when I was pushing the food injector particularly hard, but you can almost see the meat swelling as you use it, so you know the marinade is getting to where it should. Time will tell if this item retains it’s function, and whether the steel is genuinely stainless, but for now I would say this food injector is one of the better ones on the market.

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