These Weber tongs are made from stainless steel, are about 17” long and have soft grip silicone rubber handles in black. There’s a good sized hanging loop, which also serves to activate the locking mechanism used to keep the tongs closed for storage. The soft touch handles are attached separately to the arms, with each being a single piece of steel. The heads of the Weber barbecue tongs are the spoon shaped variety, with the inward pointing scalloped edges.

In use, these grill tongs are heavy in the hand, and have a wide opening. They feel comfortable enough, and the soft grip is also non-slip, even when wet or greasy. They feel sturdy and don’t flex under normal use. They grip most food items without piercing it, and can even handle softer foods without crushing it.

I do have a few issues with these BBQ tongs. One is the heads, I prefer to have at least one side of the tongs flat for getting under the food, that way you aren’t constantly swapping between the spatula and the tongs. I’m also not trusting of these rounded edges to move larger pieces of meat off the barbecue to the kitchen, for instance. I also have some concerns about the lifespan of these Weber locking tongs. The soft grip handles are screwed on to the arms, and so might come loose, and the spring seems to weaken with use, which might be a good thing for some.

Another problem is the tongs themselves, this model of Weber stainless steel tongs open quite wide and the spring is quite strong. Anyone with small hands will have problems getting a decent grip on the food, so might want to look for a smaller pair.

There is also some discussion about whether these are dishwasher safe or not. Even the Weber website doesn’t say they are, although others do. I know some people who have put these barbeque tongs in the dishwasher and they’ve been fine. Maybe we need a clarification from Weber.

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