The Outset jalapeno popper holder is made from stainless steel with a brushed finish. It’s approximately 11.5” x 8” x 3” in size, with a height of 1.75″ with the legs folded. On the top there are 24 flared holes, in four rows of six. The holes are around 1” in diameter.

This Outset jalapeno grill rack is quite heavy in the hand, as it’s made from a decent grade of steel. It’s designed to hold jalapenos and other peppers, and chicken legs, upright on the grill for easier cooking. You can also use it to hold the peppers while you stuff them, and then take it over to the grill. When using particularly large peppers, it’s best to space them one hole apart, this helps them cook better and stops them sticking together when the cheese bubbles over. This is obviously going to reduce the capacity, but gives a better end result. And the same with chicken drumsticks, the larger ones take much longer to cook properly if you fill the jalapeno roaster to capacity.

The legs on the bottom of the jalapeno grill roaster hold the food a good height off the grill, but they do fit through the grill bars of some BBQ designs, which means you can only have the item in a certain orientation. You can get around this by using a roasting tray of some kind, which is a good idea anyway. The manufacturer of the pepper roaster rack claims the flared holes stop juices running down and falling into the flames. In my experience, this juices gather on the top and run off the edges, if they are stopped at all.

You can use this pepper grill roaster on most barbecues, and in a traditional oven if you wish, it gives good results either way. It’s not the easiest item to move around, and you’re going to need oven gloves.

When it comes to cleaning up after the fun, this stuffed jalapenos rack is dishwasher safe, but it’s easy enough to clean by hand, apart from the hinges that hold the legs, but they shouldn’t get too greasy anyway.

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