This pigtail flipper from Outset is made from polished stainless steel, is almost 22” in length and has a shaped rosewood handle. On the end of the handle is a copper colored metal loop for hanging.  The hook is drawn out like wire, and curved to a point.

The first thing you’ll notice about this meat hook, apart from it’s length, is its appearance. It looks very good, with its rosewood handle and silver shaft. And even the metal hanging loop is copper to match the red of the rosewood. It also feels good in the hand, the carved handle sitting well in your palm.

As it’s the best part of 22” long, this pig tail hook keeps your hands well away from the heat, and is particularly good if you have a large grill, or are cooking over a camp fire or fire pit. After a little practice, you can flip burgers, turn hotdogs, move veggies around, and generally do all the things you need to do to turn out tasty food.

I wouldn’t recommend this meat flipper for larger pieces of meat, as the length of it creates too much of a leverage effect, and it can be pulled out of your hand. Otherwise it’s actually very well balanced. You also need to be careful with how deep you set the hook, as you don’t want to pierce the meat too deeply and lose the juices.

As the handle on this BBQ flipper is made of wood, I wouldn’t recommend dishwashing it. But you shouldn’t really need to clean any more of it than the hook, as most of the grease and food debris is going to be at that end, and the rest is a good distance back.

Overall, this is a good looking and practical pigtail turner, not great for larger pieces of meat, but otherwise a very solid product.

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