Grills tools come in all sizes, and the OXO barbecue tool set is definitely at the smaller end of that scale. The set consists of three items; a turner, a spatula and a set of tongs. All the items are around 9” or 10”.  The turner has a plastic handle and a nylon head, and is used, as you might have guessed, for turning items on the grill. The spatula has a plastic handle and a silicone blade, joined by two metal rods. It’s a spatula, plain and simple, with no extra features. The tongs are stainless steel, with rubber grips and nylon heads. At the rear, they have a neat little gadget that keeps the tongs closed when not in use. The manufacturers claim the items won’t discolor, warp or melt, but it’s my experience that both nylon and silicone lose their shape and start to crumble at the edges with repeated use.

The whole barbecue tool set is dishwasher safe, and can be used on most grills, but is particularly recommended for non-stick surfaces and cookware. The silicon used is resistant to heat up to 600 degrees F. and the Nylon to 400. So they’re ok to use on most grills, just keep them away from direct flames. You won’t damage the items in normal grilling, or frying etc. or by exposing them to the odd flame, but you’ll definitely ruin them if you leave them in the fire.

What we have with this grilling tool set is kitchen ware. Yes, I said it. This is not a tool set that will stand up to large chunks of meat, roaring flames or all-night parties. If you have a Foreman grill or something similar, and are making pancakes or just cooking up a few sausages then they’re fine. Otherwise, you might want to look at other, more substantial, barbecue tool sets.

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