The RAPICCA Insulated Cooking Gloves are made from kevlar and cotton, with a textured, FDA compliant neoprene coating to supply a non-slip grip. The five-fingered gloves have an extended cuff to provide protection to the wrist and forearm. They are heat resistant up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. They are supplied as a pair and come in two sizes; 17” and 14”.

The difference between heat resistant gloves and these insulated cooking gloves is apparent as soon as you use them. You don’t feel the heat at all, and I was able to very confidently handle the hottest metal grill equipment and pans. Despite the insulation, they fit very well and feel comfortable, while only minimally affecting your dexterity. This means you can do more precise tasks like operating the grill controls and turning small food items without having to take them off. The non-slip surface is very good, even when handling the greasiest of items. The extra-length cuffs are also a nice feature, adding protection to the wrists and a good amount of the lower arms.

Insulated cooking gloves can be used for all your cooking needs, from adding things to boiling water right up to deep-frying the largest of turkeys. You’ll probably find other uses for them as well, anywhere you need protection from heat in fact.

Because these insulated cooking gloves are so useful they can get very dirty. Grease and meat juices, burnt-on food and blackened grill bars all take their toll. And pulling pork has never been so satisfying, but is about as messy as you can get. The best way I’ve found of getting them clean again is to leave them on and pretend you’re washing your hands with soap and hot water. Once clean, it doesn’t take long, hang them up to dry and you’re done.

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