The Steven Raichlen Barbecue Pitt Mitt is made from Aramid fibers with a soft cotton lining. The heat resistance rating is 475 degrees Fahrenheit. The mitt has a textured silicone coating for improved grip. Only one glove is supplied, which is one size fits all and reversible for either right or left-handed use.

Some kind of heat protection is essential when barbecuing, or indeed most kinds of cooking. The more convenient and easy to use the item is, the more likely they are to be used. This BBQ pit mitt is just such an item. It’s comfortable, flexible and has a relatively high heat rating to allow the handling of hot grill equipment. A definite improvement on oven mitts or a folded cloth. The silicone design on the palm provides an excellent grip on greasy or moist items. I’m not a big fan of one size fits all, because it’s usually one size fits most. In this case, the flexibility of the fibers does make it fairly adaptable to different hands. They do fit either hand very well, so no problem there.

My one complaint with this otherwise very good Pit Mitt is the item is supplied as a single glove. One glove is no good to anyone because as we know, we’ll pick something up with the wrong hand eventually. And many tasks around the grill need two hands, like lifting large pieces of meat or moving grill plates. For this price, the company should be supplying a pair. And the heat resistance is certainly lower than some I’ve seen but should be fine for the average grill. And of course, the thinner material doesn’t affect dexterity as much as some other makes.

Overall a very good product, if a little expensive, but please, Mr Raichlen, make it a pair next time.

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