These smoker wood chips are supplied in a plastic bag which contains 210 cubic inches of the product, which is just over 2.5lbs. The chips arrive kiln dried and ready to use. They can be used on gas, electric and charcoal grills and smokers. They can be used as the main fuel source as well as being added to other fuels.

Apple wood is probably the nation’s favorite when it comes to wood chips. You can use them with any food you want, but they are particularly recommended for poultry, and pork in all its infinite variety.

In the particular bag of smoker chips I received was a mix of sizes, from large chips to twigs, and, inevitably, some dust. They were dry, and had a nice smell, no trace of mould or rot.

Weber say you don’t need to soak these wood chips for smoking before use, whether you do or not is up to you. Soaked chips take longer to give off smoke, as they’ll steam first, which helps add moisture to the food, and will give off less smoke over a longer period. If you’re grilling small items quickly, then it’s best not to soak them. If you’re slow cooking, then you should probably soak these BBQ wood.

When it comes to flavor, it depends on your preference. To get the strongest flavor you can cook over the wood itself, although this will use the BBQ wood chips at a faster rate. For a more subtle flavor, add a handful to the charcoal or smoker box. You might need to experiment if you want something in between.

Overall, these smoking wood are just that, chips of wood taken from an apple tree. You burn them and they give off smoke. You don’t get anything extra because they are branded by Weber.

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