The Weber fish basket is made from stainless steel, and measures 10.5” x 2.3” x 18” approximately. There are two small hinges at the back, and a catch at the front. On each end are two curved handles which also act as feet. The curve allows the unit to be used on a kettle-type grill. Flexible shaped wires hold the fish in place during cooking.

The first thing I noticed about this fish grill basket is how thin the wires are. They aren’t much thicker than a paper clip, and not as robust as shown in some photos. This means the wire is more likely to pierce the skin of the fish you’re grilling, and make it more difficult to remove, as well as making it more of a chore to clean. Spraying the BBQ fish basket with oil before loading is essential.

Another problem with the Weber fish grilling basket is the catch. It’s just not stout enough, and I found it springing open on occasion, usually when I was turning it on the grill. That isn’t a great time to have fish on the loose. I also have some concerns with the hinges. They were fine during use, but they are small, and I personally think they will be a problem after long-term use.

Otherwise this Weber barbecue fish basket performs as advertised. It holds fish and other foods of var ying thickness the right distance above the heat, is easy to turn, with oven mitts and being careful, the catch doesn’t open and does turn out a tasty fillet. You can put other things in there of course, just be aware of the potential for things to stick to the wires.

Being stainless steel, the Weber fish rack can safely go in the dishwasher, although I found myself cleaning it again afterwards, as skin sticks to the springs where they overlap.

Overall, I found the Weber fish grill, like so many things these days, a good product ruined by the company money men.

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