This Weber grill light is about 4.5 x 2 x 3 inches, is made from grey, glass-reinforced nylon, and has a circular clamp designed to fit Weber grills. The three AAA batteries required are inserted via a watertight port on the side. The unit has an on/off switch, and a dim function when the grill is closed, or the unit tilted. The light is provided by LEDs, with a 10,000 hour projected life. The whole unit is heat and water resistant.

I think it looks like a giant whistle, but this little Weber BBQ light works very well. It lights up a square area of the grill with about the right amount of brightness, certainly for me. You can always fit two of these grill lights if you think one isn’t enough, and if you put them each end of the handle you can illuminate your work area at the same time.

I found closing the battery cover a little awkward, but it has to be water tight so it’s worth taking your time to get it right. As the Weber grilling light is designed for Weber grills, the clamp  fits perfectly, holding the light at just the right angle.  This barbecue light has a neat function where the light dims when you close the grill to conserve the battery life. It doesn’t switch off but glows slightly. This means you can easily find the grill handle again even in the dark, but you need to remember to switch the unit off with the actual on/off switch when you’ve done with it to avoid wasting the batteries.

The Weber LED light can be left permanently attached to the grill, as it’s fully water and heat resistant. This is very useful, as you know exactly where it is when it comes to barbecue time. Personally, I wouldn’t leave this light attached all year, unless you store the grill away indoors during the off season, if you have such a thing.

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