The Weber grill press is made from cast iron, covered with a porcelain enamel coating in matte black. The item consists of a handle and flat plate with a ridged pattern on the base. This steak press weighs just over three pounds and is approximately 9.5” x 2” x 5” in size. It looks like it’s cast all in one piece, which will make it stronger.

A cast iron grill press is not something every barbecue fan has, or even needs, but they are useful, and make you look like a professional chef. They also enable you to expand the range of foods you can make on a grill, adding such thing as panini sandwiches.

There are two main things I do with a grilling press. One is simply using them as weights to press the food down onto the grill, this increases the heat as well as the amount of food in contact with the grill, both of which reduce the cooking time and the chance of cold spots with uneven food.

The other method only works with solid metal grill presses like this one. I put a panini press in the grill and close the lid. The BBQ press will get very hot, so oven gloves are essential. When it’s ready, open the grill, put the food item on the grill and the press on top. This cooks both sides at once, and very quickly if the food is thin. This technique is ideal for steaks, allowing you to get the exact level of cooking very easily. It also works with paninis and similar food.

When it comes to cleaning up, there’s very little to clean with this model of iron grill press, and a good scrub with soapy water is all you’ll need. This is a good thing, because being cast iron it can’t go in the dishwasher.

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