Weiman polish & BBQ cleaner is supplied in a 22 fluid ounce bottle, with a spray cap and on/off nozzle. It is specifically for use on stainless steel surfaces.

Weiman cleaner spray is just for stainless steel surfaces, although it will work on all kinds, polished, brushed, etc. It’s easy to use, just spray it straight on to the surface and wipe, preferably with a microfiber cloth. Some stainless steels have a grain, if you look closely you might see very thin lines in the metal. If this is the case, it’s best to clean and polish in whichever direction the grain goes for the best results.

I found this cleaning spray to not be that great at the actual cleaning, and it might be best to clean the item with soapy water and let it dry first. But as a polish it excels, giving your stainless steel that new look, store bought shine. It’s important to remember there’s a reason for this. As well as removing dirt, this product also leaves something behind, in the form of a layer of oil. It’s this that makes the shine and leaves the surface more resistant to dirt and dust. Repeated use of this product can create a build-up of this oil, and actually darken the surface. I would recommend a good scrub with a degreaser if you notice this happening, and then reapply the cleanser spray afterwards.

Another thing to watch out for when using this polish spray is the spray getting on other surfaces, particularly floors, where it forms a slippery layer. Wipe up any spillage or over spray as quick as you can. Also pay attention to the warning on the bottle, this stuff can be lethal, so keep away from children.

So, as a polish, this spray is a very good product, as a cleaner it’s not so good. And the weird smell of this stuff takes some getting used to. It doesn’t smell like other cleaning products. Luckily the smell soon fades.

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